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We love building technologies  that bring water to everyone 

We are a team on a mission to re-imagine water, by using technology to bring efficiency and transparency in access, utility and distribution of water to everyone.

Meet The Team

Our Mission


Value in every drop of water.

We are on a mission to accelerate humanity to global water sustainability by building tools that empower consumers, utilities and the industry to bring efficiency, transparency and value in every drop of water. 

Our Story


In 2017, we founded Hydrologistics Africa because of our  experiences growing in Kenya  and living in the capital city , Nairobi. Like in most developing countries, water accounts for 11% of family income yet 3 or more days a week, water taps are dry. 

For the families, 50% of potentially available water is needlessly lost before reaching the consumer.  Lack of transparency results in poor collection of bills and non-payments, especially when people have to pay for water they didn’t receive. 


Brian Bosire

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Co-Founder & CEO


Victor Shikoli

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Co-Founder & COO


Zachariah Ngige

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Senior Sales Executive


Bertier Luyt

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Strategy Advisor


Our Values

The Investors

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Make Every Drop Count. Get up and running in 3 days.

Digitize metering, billing, payments, analytics with a single platform

        HydroIQ Pay
Get all your utility bills paid in a fast secure and easy way

Monitor your water distribution network from source to consumer

        HydroIQ Store
Explore SmartBilling ready products to quickly integrate with HydroIQ

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