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Apply to join us as a UX/UI Designer
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UX/UI Designer

​What you will do: 

  • Plan and implement new designs 

  • Optimize existing user interface designs

  • Test for intuitivity and experience

  • Communicate with clients to understand their business goals and objectives

  • Develop technical and business requirements and always strive to deliver intuitive and user-centered solutions

  • Combine creativity with an awareness of the design elements

  • Create prototypes for new product ideas

  • Conduct an ongoing user research

  • Ensure that established design standards are consistently and appropriately applied within design work

  • Engage with product management, engineering and business stakeholders to understand projects.

  • Develop and present documentation, user flows, annotated wireframes, and interactive prototypes

  • Leverage user testing make product improvements


Product Activations


​What you will do: 

  • Pitch to prospective clients and partners about HydroIQ products

  • Share printed and digital marketing content to possible customers.

  • Provide contact information on prospective customers at the end of the sales program.


Customer Support


This position is responsible for Identify customer needs and help customers use specific features,
engagement, and supports users of HydroIQ platforms, apps and services - using various channels, and converting
potential users into active daily users. This role requires creative thinking, communicating and executing in a multi-tasking environment to meet customer needs.


Sales Executive


To support the development and execution of acquisition strategies and measurable growth, we are seeking a sales executive. This position is responsible for acquiring users, increasing usage and engagement, and supports users of its platforms, apps and services using various channels, and converting potential users into active daily users.

This role requires creative thinking, designing, communicating and executing highly effective campaigns to accelerate the growth of a dynamic network of users.

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