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HydroIQ To Launch in Central America!

Just like the Mayan Civilization, Guatemala once again will be the cradle of Smart water Civilization in Central America. Hydrologists Africa is proud to announce the extension of our services to the Americas. We are proud and challenged to continue providing quality services to the world.

As the world's first virtual water network operator, we are proud to keep leading the entire water industry in Africa and beyond in developing innovative technology solutions to make every drop of water count.

In Guatemala we intend to roll out extensively;

  • A complete technology-based water utility system that suits their water billing and supply regulations.

  • Smart water meters and water sensors for pH and hard metal detection.

  • Incorporate the manual water grid into the HydroIQ platform by attaching smart water devices.

  • Develop a plugin system for existing water technology systems,

  • Create partnerships with existing utilities for exchange of technology and broadening of knowledge base.

  • Make a 100% water revenue case study in one smart city.

We celebrate this, with all our team and everyone who believes in our mission to make every drop count.

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