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Go Fully digital with HydroIQ SmartBilling

SmartBilling enables property managers and utilities to digitize their water metering, billing invoicing, payments, reports and customer service without replacing their current infrastructure. 

HydroIQ SpotBilling

Zero error meter billing on the spot.

spot billing system, your utility business can ensure fast and accurate bill generation cost-effectively and can at the same time improve customer satisfaction.

Our team of professional meter readers works very closely with you to facilitate the fastest and most accurate bill generation using handheld technology and the latest innovations. Our spot billing system can be seamlessly implemented for many utility companies to enable a faster, easier, and more secure way to capture utility meter reading and timely and accurate bill generation.

We use a connected ecosystem of mobile & web applications to enable multi-process and geographical deployment of new processes within minutes, making the utility spot billing system faster, easier to manage, and more effective.

HydroIQ Snap mobile app captures meter readings using phone's camera accurately. 
Snap uses computer vision to accurately capture and send all meter data reducing human error to Zero.

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HydroIQ Pay

Collect 100% of utility bills with a payment guarantee

HydroIQ Pay enables property managers and utilities to get paid in 2 steps. With HydroIQ pay, we guarantee 100% utility bill collection ensuring zero revenue loss and zero follow-ups, cutting your operational costs by over 90%.

  • Accurate and up to date data for billing.

  • Immediate delivery of invoices resulting in shortened payment periods for customers.

  • Proper record keeping as screenshots of data collected from the meter are sent to the water utility company’s system.

  • Easy and time saving process for data reading of bills for the meter reader.

  • Real time upload of billing details to the utility’s cloud.

  • Promotes accountability and eliminates uncertainties in revenue collection by water service providers.

Analytics and Reports

Realtime analytics and custom utility reports.

Monitor consumption trends, billing and payment reports,  get predictive analytics and insights to optimize water use for your property .

  • Dont risk it. Fix it

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Customer Service

Handle tenant & consumer issues  supported by real data.

HydroIQ SmartBilling provides a gateway to managing tenant billing issues,  metering inaccuracies, payment reminders, invoice  notifications and reporting water supply issues. 


Make Every Drop Count. Get up and running in 3 days.

Digitize metering, billing, payments, analytics with a single platform

        HydroIQ Pay
Get all your utility bills paid in a fast secure and easy way

Monitor your water distribution network from source to consumer

        HydroIQ Store
Explore SmartBilling ready products to quickly integrate with HydroIQ

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